It’s all about the good stuff. Recycled, upcycled, unique...HanChic’s Furniture!

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Its all about the love for beautiful things

We are passionate about saving furniture from being discarded or left to rot in the attic. Meticulously stripping it back to its raw state. Lovingly repairing any damage, not completely though, we like to leave the odd knock or dent to preserve its character.

We believe that spending as much time on the preparation of a piece is as important as the final coat of paint.  But our passion hold no bounds and is not restricted to old furniture,  we love the challenge of taking something more current and turning that piece into something beautiful to behold, fit for any setting. We really do love our job.

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Recycled, upcycled, unique - HanChic’s Furniture!


upholstered seat pads to a high standard
Based in Dorset, your local up cycling furniture store

The Beach House Drawers